At Grove Family Care we help families with babies feel confident so early parenthood feels less overwhelming and everyone feels more at ease.

What Do We Do Here?

Hello! My name is Rebecca, and I am a Postpartum Doula, Babywearing Educator, and in training as a Perinatal Educator. What is a postpartum doula? You may know the term doula in the context of birth or labour.
A postpartum doula is a support person who helps families prepare for, and assist with how to navigate when a new baby has already arrived in their life.
A postpartum doula has training in the first year of a baby's life, as well as knowledge of the postpartum body and postpartum mental health.
A Babywearing Educator teaches one how to use a baby carrier, along with the benefits and safety. I also teach other birthwork professionals how to help their clients with babywearing!
A Perinatal Educator is similar to a Childbirth Educator. A Perinatal Educator has training beyond childbirth, from pregnancy, through childbirth, to after baby is born. 
I am there to teach facts, and guide you and your family in pregnancy, birth, infant and other postpartum care. From what is normal and safe, to ways to birth, to feeding, cleaning, sleeping and "is that a normal colour for poop!?"
You are the parent. I just happen to have training, a large network, and a passion for helping new parents feel comfortable and confident. I like to think of myself as a helpful, informed aunt with no judgment.

Our philosophy

Rebecca firmly believes that families should have everything they need to thrive, and that adding help to your family dynamics isn't a sign of weakness, but a sign you are looking to find the family strength again. That comes with being able to find balance, community and communication. Grove Family Care can help with that!

Making Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Easier


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access tools

There isn't a manual on how to parent, we have some tools to help get you on track

in home support

Sometimes doing things on your own is overwhelming.
Let us help you at home as well.

Classes and workshops

Learn all about pregnancy, birth and postpartum in a class setting, or one on one

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