Rebecca Grove

Grove Family Care was founded by Rebecca Grove in 2018. Starting with postpartum home visits, then expanding to virtual visits and online and in person workshops and programs.

The journey to helping families postpartum started when Rebecca was pregnant with her son born in 2014. She found a group of moms on-line who were due the same month as she was. A researcher by nature, Rebecca would look up, and share information with the group. Rebecca also observed a lot of fear, and wanted to ease that. It became clear she wanted to help other parents find their confidence in parenting their newborns. In late 2014 she started her journey with taking a babywearing educator workshop, and volunteering with a local babywearing help group. Helping with online inquiries, as well as helping parents in person at monthly meetups. After exploring options to help new parents further, Rebecca found a program with Doula Canada to become a postpartum doula. It was perfect. In 2016 Rebecca started her postpartum doula education, and gained her certificate in 2018.

Rebecca has been working with clients in their homes, as well as teaching other doulas how to use babycarriers.

Currently Rebeca is continuing training as a perinatal educator to expand her knowledge in pregnancy and childbirth.
She is working on a comprehensive postpartum education program for parents to help families prepare for the arrival of their baby with education, tools and planning.

Rebecca has a goal of expanding Grove Family Care to include more than postpartum education.

What is a perinatal educator?

Perinatal refers to pregnancy, giving birth and postpartum.

You might be familiar with Childbirth Educators who teach group classes.
A Perinatal Educator has training beyond childbirth, from pregnancy, through childbirth, to after baby is born.

Perinatal education includes information for the preparation of pregnancy, birth, baby care, as well as early parenthood. It covers the needs of the individual as well as their family.

A Perinatal Educator plays an important role educating about the physical, psychological, and social health of the birthing person, baby, and family.

Grove Family Care teaches classes, workshops and programs on pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum for birthing people and all family structures, including surrogates and adopting families.

What is a postpartum doula?

A Postpartum Doula is a support person who helps families transition when a new baby is introduced. Whether in their home, virtually, or through workshops and programs.

A Postpartum Doula can provide physical, emotional and informational support for the birthing person, non birthing parent(s), siblings and the new infant, within the first year of birth.

Grove Family Care provides informational postpartum support for birthing people and all family structures, including surrogates and adopting families.

What is a Babywearing educator?

A babywearing educator has taken training on all things babywearing. From safety, to history to benefits, and is an expert at "How To".

Rebecca can help you choose a carrier, as well as help fit the carriers you already own.

Rebecca also teaches other birthworkers how to teach their clients.

Free Babywearing demo

Our Logo

The Grove Family Care logo is a grove of aspen trees. What is interesting about aspens is the fact that they are one unit; the group of trees share roots, and care for each other. Bonus: aspen leaves are heart shaped.
The logo (along with other items in the shop) were drawn by Emily of It's OK, It's art.
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